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Cooperative and Condominium

Our Firm serves as general counsel and special counsel to the boards of directors and managers of numerous cooperative corporations, condominium associations and homeowners associations located throughout Westchester County. A source of pride for our Firm is the fact that we have represented a number of our clients in this area for over 30 years.

We counsel our clients on the complete range of the many legal services required and issues faced by them, including by way of example:

General – We advise on business, management and legal issues occurring during normal business operations, such as communication with board members, officers, shareholders and property managers, attendance at board and shareholder meetings, acting as transfer agent during unit transfers and refinances and general and specific governance and policy issues.

Governing documents – We prepare, review, revise and modernize as necessary bylaws, proprietary leases, alteration agreements, parking policies, house rules and policy documents, among others.

Finance – Beginning at the initial stages, through and including the closing process, we advise on finance and refinance options related to underlying building mortgage financing and secured and unsecured lines of credit.

Third Party Contracts – We prepare, negotiate and review management agreements, construction and capital improvement contracts, commercial leases and license agreements (laundry rooms, storage facilities, parking lots, advertisements, cell towers, etc.), among other types of single-use and recurring contracts and agreements.

Litigation – We prosecute and defend litigation matters on behalf of our clients involving shareholders, tenants, unit owners and other third parties such as contractors and neighboring property owners arising out of violations of the governing documents, breach of contract matters or other infringements.

Tax Assessments – We assist our clients in reducing their real property tax burden by challenging tax assessments in tax certiorari proceedings. Please see our Real Estate Tax Assessment Litigation section of this website.

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