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Veneruso, Curto, Schwartz & Curto, LLP. is proud to provide for both its clients and prospective clients alike, our bi-annual cooperative and condominium newsletter. Individual articles can become out of date as the law changes, and archive articles may still be accessible, when they no longer summarise the correct legal position, or current best practice. As such, they should not be relied upon as a complete answer to your particular legal problem or situation. The facts of your situation may call for a response that is much different than the information contained in one of our articles. 

Winter 2015



     I. The Superintendent

     II. Legislative Update: Sprinkler Systems




Spring 2014

     I. Compulsive Hoarding
     II. Combating Ownership Apathy




Winter/Spring 2013



     I. Reining in Rentals

     II. Battle between Smokers and Non-Smokers




Fall 2013



     I. Revaluation and the Homestead Tax Option





Spring 2012


     I. Objectionable Conduct
     II. Emergency Action Plans




Fall 2011

     I. Protecting Finances
     II. Surveillance Systems

    III. New EPA Rules Regarding Lead Paint




Winter 2010

     I. Amanda's Law
     II. Co-op Admissions

    III. STAR Update


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